Astronautics Quiz


how good is your knowledge of the history of space exploration and astronautics?

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1) Who discovered Uranus?
2) Define galaxy
3) Choose the correct order of the planets from the sun.
4) How many moon landings were made?
5) What is the approximate speed of light?
6) Name the space telescope:
7) What is the closest Galaxy to the Milky Way?
8) Which one of the facts presented below is not correct:
9) What is an approximate temperature of the sun?
10) How the world system is called created by Copernicus?
11) In which direction the Earth is rotating?
12) What does the word “Planet” means?
13) How many planets currently are there in the solar system?
14) At what date humans flew to the outer space?
15) How does a closest to the Earth star is called?
16) What was the name of the first monkey which flew to the outer space?
17) What does ESA Stands for?
18) How long was the Apollo-11 flight?
19) When was the first American satellite Explorer-1 launched?
20) Name Russian spacecraft:
21) What was the name of Yuri Gagarin's spaceship?
22) What was the name of the first dog which flew to the outer space?

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